Landscape Lighting

‘Enjoy your garden day and night’

Landscaping is well known to enhance the appeal of any home. Strategically placed lighting in the garden can create a beautiful atmosphere for night time entertainment. Landscape lighting gives a sense of magic which can be subtly executed or done with a truly dynamic flare.
Use a mixture of the following effects to create your theme . . .
  • Light one or two focal points e.g. Uplight a substantial tree that can be viewed from any direction this may simply be enough to give the night time ambience you desire.

  • Spotlighting, highlight selected garden features such as water features and sculptures or by running a spot light across a textural surface also know as shadowing you can show the beautiful texture of a stone wall or garden fencing.

  • Silhouetting is an interesting technique where by lighting behind trees and shrubs can show interesting branch structures which is dynamic when silhouetted against a wall.

  • To display larger areas and soften the shadows use a cross lighting technique by illuminating the area from two or more fixtures.
LED technology fixtures and lamps are perfect for landscaping as they consume less power and where lighting is installed in hard to access nooks and crannies the time between maintenance is many years. Many of the Superlux landscape fixtures and lamps are available in White, Green or Blue. Green is perfect for highlighting foliage, blue for highlighting water and white for just about anywhere.
Bollard lighting is great for lighting along garden pathways and flood lights are perfect for large entertainment areas, tennis courts etc. Use In ground lighting and Shielded/ directional spot lighting where the lighting effect is to be seen but the light fixture its self is not to be seen.
And most of all have fun, landscape lighting can be done subtly or just simply go mad!

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