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Guaranteed workmanship, materials and wide choice have been the key to the success of Gartner Superlux Limited for half a century, and the company is committed to the continually evolving field of lighting and remains wholly New Zealand owned.

Many of the products you will find on this website are exclusive to Superlux and have been designed and manufactured by our Mangere Bridge plant in Auckland.
For the residential market, we recognize the importance energy efficient lighting can play in helping reduce energy costs. In fact, for both new homes and renovations, installing energy efficient lighting is one of the most cost effective ways of reducing your energy bill, with annual savings of $500 per year being readily achievable.

A new range of Italian outdoor lighting fixtures made from a composite epoxy resin which has been designed to withstand harsh weather and conditions exterior fittings suffer during ongoing building and landscaping work as new subdivisions are developed. The new Duralite range is guaranteed to last 20 years and promises to resist many of the problems powder coated aluminum fittings struggle to deal with. “Duralite is the answer for anyone looking for long-lasting architectural quality exterior lighting. The resin material being almost as dense as aluminum and with a similar weight but none of the drawbacks.

Aluminum fittings on building sites and particularly large subdivisions can get knocked around. Powder coatings become chipped as well as becoming caked with layers of dust and mud. Water blasting to clean them can cause more problems and building site chemicals often accelerate the degrading process. The chemical etching of concrete paths, chemical cleaners, garden preparation fertilizers and agricultural spraying all take their toll as well as typical environmental stresses caused by ultra violet in sunlight, high humidity and salt-laden winds that blow in from the sea.

“Duralite fittings are thick-walled, particularly strong and resistant to a range of caustic substances. They are also vandal resistant and able to withstand extremes of temperature. Maintenance is low and is aided by the lighting range having stainless steel screws and other non-corrosive parts. “The Duralite resin will not fade and the fittings will keep their attractive looks for an exceptionally long time. Duralite guarantees its outdoor lighting range will not fade, discolor or appear corroded and backs it up with a 20-year, non-corrosion guarantee. The range is made up of contemporary and traditionally styled Luminaires including outdoor wall-mounted lights, lanterns, spotlights, bollards, in-ground fixtures and floodlights.

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