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Superlux company4Superlux over 65 Years of ingenuity!

Having actively manufactured product for over 65 years, when Superlux adds a new lighting fixture or electrical product to its extensive family of products they are scrutinised to exacting standards. They are designed to spec, many completely from scratch so you can be sure Superlux product is suitable for local Australian AS/NZS requirements.


Wide Range of products available quickly

Recent changes in Superlux logistics means that all 2,000 plus Superlux products are now in available in Australia, Orders are dispatched twice a week from the NZ warehouse to our NSW warehouse for immediate delivery to you! 


Not just off the shelf! Delivering to you outside of the box thinking

We don't just buy product off the shelf and sell it onto our customers. We are excited to produce products which are innovative and designed better, with added benefits of easier installation and better performance. We are dedicated to ingenuity and feedback from our customers allows us to provide products which solve issues and reduce costs. Superlux are always looking to better our product offer to you our customer and are actively involved in researching and engaging the worlds greater lighting community which continually feeds back into our product development efforts.


Rigorous in House Testing

Our In-House testing facilities allow us to be assured that our products are ready for release into the marketplace. Light output, heat and stress testing are some of the many tests carried out. Products are not only tested before initial release; we continually test and improve them as they develop within the marketplace too


Over 65 years!

Important to our success, Superlux has a strong work ethic and dedicated staff, many who have remained with the company for close to 30 years. We thank our staff and customers for their continued support.